Fire destroys trailer home, kills two dogs

Firefighters state the couple who lived here had the ability to make it out securely.

HUGHESVILLE, Pa.– A fire ripped through a trailer home near Hughesville in Lycoming County late Wednesday night.

Firefighters stated the couple who lived there had the ability to make it out fine, however two of their dogs passed away.

Firefighters stated the fire began around 9 o’clock on Pine Run Road in Wolf Township and it took about two hours to get it under control.

The fire ruined the couple’s van and all of their valuables.

“We heard the popping and the explosion noise and seen the big ball of fire and then I was shaking so bad and crying I called 911,” Neighbor Wendy Shaner stated.

“I got really scared. I felt really bad and started panicking. Then ran down there and pretty much waited,” Neighbor Cassie Shaner stated.

Neighbors stated firemens had the ability to make it to the trailer home within 10 minutes, however much of the damage was currently done.

The couple had the ability to save the majority of their animal dogs from the fire, however two dogs regrettably passed away.

“They’re just really upset and kind of sad still,” Cassie Shaner stated.

Newswatch 16 attempted to speak with the couple, however they did not wish to talk to us on cam.

Family members inform us the couple did not have insurance coverage on their home.

In the meantime, next-door neighbors are attempting to do what they can to assist.

“I was just talking to some of their family members last night and they said that they already had a place to stay but I said if they need any help to let me know,” Wendy Shaner stated.

Firefighters are still working to find out a cause on what triggered this fire at the trailer home near Hughesville.

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