How Bad Is Your Spotify
How Bad Is Your Spotify

The end of 2020 brings to you a judge of your taste in music. To your surprise, it is an Artificial Intelligence bot. Yes. A bot will now be judging how bad is your Spotify playlist.

Most of the people collected sad ballads to their collections of daily songs. This was under the influence of the air of the year 2020. Most others made a collection of throwback tracks. This was done in order to remember the great times they had prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

Steps To Find Out How Bad Is Your Spotify

There are some people who take pride in sharing their Spotify Wrapped over various social media platforms, particularly Instagram. They have labored non-stop to share their playlist at the end of the year over Instagram.

Even if you are of the view that your Spotify playlist would get the approval of Beyonce, or your playlist is full of niche kind of sound, you will be subjected to judgement. This system of judging how bad is your Spotify is brought to you by The Pudding. They are the ones who are credited for creating the A.I. bot.

The ‘how bad is your Spotify’ test is specifically for the ones who think they ace in music taste. The creation of Mike Lacher and Mike Daniels will now bring you back to Earth. They are the ones who created the system for The Pudding.

You will have to click on the quiz option to start the test. The ones who take severe pride in their Spotify playlist, may not like what they see as a test result. The main aim of the test is exactly those kinds of people. It is to make fun of them.

After you agree to take the test, you will be made to login into your Spotify account. Following this, the A.I. bot will look into your choice of music pattern and insult you accordingly. You will also be scored accordingly on how bad is your Spotify playlist.