Lionsgate offers free streaming of its biggest movies on YouTube for the four Friday nights lined up next.

Under an initiative named “Lionsgate Live! A Night At The Movies,” hosted by Jamie Lee Curtis, it will screen ‘The Hunger Games’ on coming Friday at 6 p.m. ET followed by ‘Dirty Dancing’ on the 24th and ‘La La Land’ on May 1st. ‘John Wick’ will also be up for free streaming on the 8th but it’ll also require age verification.

Supported by many like AMC Theatres, Fandango, Regal etc, Lionsgate mentions that this is in the honor of a communal film-watching experience and to celebrate the audience who makes all of this possible. It has also decided to donate to Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation which is dedicated to help in the pandemic cause.

Another announcement states that the entire Bruce Lee movie collection with the digitally restored versions of the 5 greatest kung-fu films of all times will be available on Blu-ray from July 14th. This “Bruce lee: His Greatest Hits” collection will also include his interviews and a Q/A session with Matthew Polly, Lee’s biographer, audio commentaries by Brandon Bentley and also the final footage in ‘Game Of Death’ that was shot before Lee’s death.

IATSE- International Alliance Of Theatrical Stage Employees, announced on Monday that they have decided to help with their utilities and expertise in setting up large equipment, in provisional hospitals set up to fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Certified technicians who’ve undergone the ETCP- Entertainment Technician Certification Program will go to venues and set up lighting, oxygen lines and service power drops. This proves to be an innovative extension of help by the entertainment Industry.