Feinstein Says China A ‘Respectable Nation’ That Has Lifted Millions Out Of Poverty

Senator Dianne Feinstein applauded China as a “respectable nation” and stated enabling Americans to take legal action against the communist country over the pandemic would be a “huge mistake.”

Feinstein (D-CA) made the remarks throughout a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday.

The California Democrat could not have actually pleased the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) anymore with her arguments versus a costs presented by Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) that would enable U.S. people to take legal action against the Chinese federal government for damages coming from COVID-19

“We launch a series of unknown events that could be very, very dangerous,” she stated of the proposed legislation. “I think this is a huge mistake.”

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‘Respectable Nation’

Not material to side with China over suffering American people, Feinstein started angling for a function in China’s PR store.

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