CLEVELAND — They are running out of cash. Snappy Gas Mart in Cleveland relies on getting coins for change from local banks, but right now that’s not an option.

“It was about 10 days because the last time we had gotten any currency from them, whether it was paper or change,” said Russ, a manager at Snappy Gas Mart.

The Cleveland gas station just isn’t alone.

The Federal Reserve said that is all happening because of the nationwide shutdown orders.

When bars, restaurants along with other businesses were forced to close, that broke up the conventional flow of bills and coins.

“I’m just type of concerned about the fact change just isn’t available for companies like this place here,” said Russ.

He’s also worried about losing business if he can’t offer the proper change, but luckily a loyal customer has stepped in to help.

“When he told me up there I instantly was like ‘I have a ton of change at home’ and I figured I could help him out,” said Andrew Hovan. “Got about $73 in change that I have rolled.”

While Russ is very appreciative, he’ll require a permanent solution soon.

The Snappy Gas Mart experiences hundreds of dollars worth of quarters every week.

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