FBI agent John Robertson, the male who discovered Hillary Clinton’s emails on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, claims he was recommended by employers to erase his own computer.

Former FBI Director James Comey, you might remember, revealed days prior to the 2016 governmental election that he had “learned of the existence” of the emails on Weiner’s laptop.

Weiner is the disgraced partner of Clinton assistant Huma Abedin.

Robertson declares that the way in which his higher-ups in the FBI dealt with the case was “not ethically or morally right.”

His stunning claims are made in a book entitled, “October Surprise: How the FBI Tried to Save Itself and Crashed an Election,” an excerpt of which has actually been released by the Washington Post.

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Told to Erase Laptop Containing Investigation of Anthony Weiner Laptop

Robertson declares that the FBI not did anything for a month after finding Clinton’s emails on the Anthony Weiner laptop.

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