Dr. Anthony Fauci is one of the most important members of the White House at this moment. Heading the coronavirus task force of the USA, Fauci said on Thursday evening that he is very concerned about some states that are trying to “leapfrog” federal guidelines and start reopening public activities.

The White House guidelines for all states and cities recommend a fourteen-day decline in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths before “you can even think about going to phase one” of reopening, Fauci said.

“If you follow the guidelines, there’s a continuity that’s safe, that’s prudent and that’s careful,” the top infectious disease expert in the nation said. “The concern that I have is that there are some states … who are looking at that and kind of leapfrogging over the first checkpoint.”

Most of the states in the country have already started reopening, without any planned approach. Some have done so under the pressure of local residents who have been constantly protesting, demanding their normal lives back.

Fauci said drawing back constraints too early is a sure way to see a renewed increase in the number of coronavirus cases. The states which have insufficient resources must think carefully before chucking out all social distancing measures recommended by the experts, he added.

“You’re taking a really significant risk if you do that and you don’t have in place the absolute clear-cut capability of identifying, isolating and doing the contact tracing,” Fauci said.

One of the states to reopen in April was Georgia, which Fauci publicly stood against and he also criticized Governor Brian Kemp for this.

“Going ahead and leapfrogging into phases where you should not be, I would advise him — as a health official and as a physician — not to do that,” Fauci said at a White House press briefing.