A video posted on Twitter showing Ezra Miller shocking a fan by grabbing her by the throat to the ground.

The friend of that fan filmed a video for the fight that happened between her and the star. She was only playing with him but it turned out to an altercation.

After the incident, Ezra was picked up by the police, according to the user on Twitter.

Firstly, the video was posted on Reddit, someone called groovylps answered the questions.

The actor Ezra is 27 years old, he acted in some movies like Where To Find Them, We Need To Talk About Kevin, Fantastic Beasts, and Perks Of Being a Wallflower.

In the video, the actor was asking “Did you want to fight?” to the girl who was only joking with him about being in a fight and she was also smiling!

Then, he grabbed her by the throat, shocked her, and threw her to the ground next to a truck!

And then, Ezra asked again: “Do you wanna fight?”

Finally, the video cut off after the friend of the girl was screaming “Woah, bro bro bro!”

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