Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller

At this point in time, Ezra Miller has been all over the news due to repeated arrests for aggravated assault in a public place. But interestingly, new video footage from their arrest in Hawaii shows Miller correcting the law enforcement officials for using the term ‘sir’ when addressing them. The body-cam footage retrieved from the police was shared by TMZ Monday, where Miller asked for those that were making the arrest to be wary of their hands and wrists. Since Miller was a musician, incorrect ways of putting handcuffs could cause nerve damage. 

Hawaii is Seething Over Ezra Miller

The real kerfuffle took place after this when one of the law enforcement officers called Miller ‘sir’. To this, Ezra Miller responded that they were not a sir. They are transgender nonbinary, and it is inappropriate to call them sir. After this, the officer informed Miller that he was simply trying to be polite, but the actor responded that if the police failed to address them with appropriate pronouns, this would be an act of intentional bigotry. 

In news that was released previously, the Hawaii Police Department went on to confirm that Ezra Miller had been arrested on the 28th of March, and charged with harassment and disorderly conduct over incidents that took place at a karaoke bar in Hawaii. Cops at the scene informed that the actor had been getting increasingly agitated with people singing karaoke at the bar, and soon started using obscenities at them. 

The previous month saw Ezra Miller pleading no contest to the disorderly conduct charge through a Zoom call. After this, the judge asked the star of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to pay a fine of $500.