Michelle Obama is to show her support today behind expanding vote-by-mail options.
As Axios reports, the former first lady with her voting rights group is to embrace the legislation before Congress amidst the COVID-19 fears.

This is for the first time that the celebrity-backed organization is endorsing federal legislation. It comes as the help to Joe Biden as democrats await the Obamas’ return to the political stage.

• “There is nothing partisan about striving to live up to the promise of our country; making the democracy we all cherish more accessible; and protecting our neighbors, friends and loved ones as they participate in this cornerstone of American life,” Michelle Obama said in a statement given to Axios.

• Although the Obamas were staying mostly on the sidelines of the 2020 election, they intervened to raise their voices against the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision preventing the state’s voting line from being extended.

• “Our goal is to just try to make sure we maximize the number of citizens who can participate in that most fundamental and important responsibility”, said family friend Valerie Jarrett, who is board chair of When We All Vote.

• Michelle Obama has been experimenting with creative ways to promote voting rights since gatherings are cancelled keeping COVID -19 situation at sight.