Reports have cropped up of Amazon using thermal cameras to check its workers’ temperature while maintaining social distancing. This step has been taken after workers in more than 50 warehouses in the US show signs of infection. Authorities claim thermal cameras are faster in detecting high body temperature than forehead thermometers. 

The E-commerce giant is one of the few companies still operating in American states even as some states are under lockdown. A unit of Amazon in France recently shut down temporarily after facing criticism by unions for operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to Amazon employees, at least six units just outside Los Angeles and Seattle are using the thermal camera. The company claims they took this step in consideration of their employees’ health and well being. 

The company has received criticism in the past because of its shortage in protective gear. An employee claimed that the workers had to stand in a line close to each other and that they did not receive masks until after they entered the warehouse. 

Thermal cameras received fame after it was used in Asia during the SARS epidemic back in 2003. Other companies using this system include Tyson Foods Inc and Intel Corp. 

Amazon remained tight-lipped about which brand they were using but ICI’s executive, Gary Strahan told reporters that he could neither confirm nor deny his company’s partnership with Amazon.