Ethereum Classic Blockchain Splits Due to Reorg by a Single Miner

On August 1, numerous figures related to Ethereum Classic (ETC) took to Twitter to notify the neighborhood of problems with the ETC blockchain. Among the very first was Ethereum Foundation member Hudson Jameson who stated that: “Exchanges need to pause deposits and withdrawals.”

The authorities Twitter page of ETC and James Wo, creator of Ethereum Classic Labs, both confirmed the concern. A Diagnosis report was quickly launched to discuss what occurred. Although the upseting miner was determined, it was unclear if it was a intentional attack on the network.

The report included that miners need to “Continue mining the chain as-is,” including that any deals released throughout the previous 12- hour duration were potentially not mined in the exact same order they were expected to be, however they will be re-submitted back into the mempool.

As suggested by a mining services service provider Bitfly, a network reorganisation of 3693 obstructs has actually occurred at block10904146 According to the message: “This caused all state pruned nodes to stop syncing,” recommending a 51% attack on the network.

Reorg is a integrated in function in a blockchain that permits to roll back the network. However, if destructive miners protected 51% of the hashpower, they can divide the network, double invest or remove previous deals.

At the start of 2019, a verified 51% attack on ETC occurred, raising issues around the Proof- of-Work mining design.

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