Ethem Sancak

One of the AKP’s business associates, Ethem Sancak, spoke to Moscow-based RBK television about Russia’s military action against Ukraine. While assessing the operation, Sancak attacked NATO and Turkey’s NATO membership, according to Independent Turkish.

“NATO is the principal perpetrator in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. 

NATO A Disease From The Past Said Ethem Sancak

According to Sancak, “NATO is a disease from the past, it is murder,” he continued, adding, “It is NATO that supports terrorists and tried a coup in 2016.” He explained that they would not join the sanctions because if Russia falls, Turkey will be divided, and if Turkey falls, Russia will collapse as well. Erdogan attempted to call Zelenski’s attention to this issue, and he continues to do so “it was said

According to Sancak, the Bayraktar SHAs were supplied to Ukraine and used by Kyiv against the Russian army “We had no idea we were associated with Russia when we were selling Bayraktars. We will construct the S-500 and travel into space. I’ve been in Moscow for two days, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. We build strategic relationships every year “he stated

Ukraine utilizes Bayraktar UAVs and SHAs in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. In a recent announcement, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov revealed that UAVs and SHAs from Turkey have entered their hands. “Bayraktar TB2’s fresh party has arrived in Ukraine,” according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

In a show broadcast on the National Channel on Wednesday, Vatan Party Chairman Dou Perinçek commented on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. “Yesterday, a group from our party traveled to Moscow. Mr. Tugay en led a delegation that included Ule Perinçek, Erman Sülük, and Ethem Sancak. They had a crucial discussion. They met with Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister” he stated.