The recent allegations of sexual misconduct against Biden have raised several questions about the Democrat Presidential candidate. 

However, Attorney General, Eric Holder recently came forward in support of Biden and defended him. He claimed that the allegation was not consistent with the kind of individual that he knows Biden is.

He was invited to the show by Bill Maher from “Real Time” to discuss the allegation. In an MSNBC interview, Biden had denied such claims of sexual assault. It was also the first time that Biden addressed the issue at hand, though it had come forward back in March.

Bill Maher said that when the story had first come out, he was reluctant to believe it. He questioned Eric Holder on what the next appropriate step should be and mentioned the global pandemic alongside the upcoming 2020 presidential elections.

Holder compared these allegations with those made against Trump. He mentioned how the allegations against Trump, which were more believable, were swept under the carpet while these allegations are being pushed forward. 

“I mean, all of these allegations have to be taken seriously. People who raise them should be treated sensitively,” added Holder.

Biden has not been vocal enough in denying the allegations that have been weighed upon him. However, he had unequivocally rejected the allegations in the past to MSNBC.

When asked he stated, “never, never happened and it didn’t. It never happened.”

According to Holder, the media has done a praiseworthy job by looking at the situation from a variety of perspectives. He claimed that it will help for the truth to come out and in a way, get a proper understanding of this situation as a whole.

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