Late Saturday night, strong explosions were reported in Erbil, Iraq’s Kurdistan Region capital. Meanwhile, the Iraqi health ministry stated that no one was injured in the event.

According to Shafaq News, which cited the airport management, Erbil International Airport is operating normally, and no flights have been canceled as a result of the event.

The Erbil US Consulate Was Not The Target Claim Officials

Multiple missiles dropped in the city region on Sunday, according to the governor of Erbil, but it was unclear if the target was the US embassy or the airport, according to the Jerusalem Post. Iran claimed responsibility for a missile assault on Erbil, Iraq, on Sunday, claiming it was meant for an Israeli “strategic center.”

Authorities in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region reported earlier that 12 ballistic missiles were fired towards the city in the early hours of the morning in a pre-dawn strike aimed at US interests, injuring two people and causing material damage.

The missiles were shot from Iraq’s eastern border, according to Kurdistan’s counter-terrorism force, clearly implying that they were fired from Iran, a country with significant political and economic clout in Baghdad.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards later confirmed that the rockets were fired, alleging that they were aimed at installations utilized by Israel, a close US ally.

The incident came nearly a week after Iran’s ideological army, the Guards, pledged to revenge the deaths of two of its leaders in a missile attack in Syria that they blamed on Israel. In Syria’s civil conflict, Iran supports the government.

Israel made no immediate response to the missile strike on Sunday, and Kurdish authorities reaffirmed that the Jewish state has no locations in or near Erbil.

The US consulate in Erbil, according to Kurdish authorities, was the target of the attack.