According to Elon Musk, the father of the newborn, Grimes has welcomed her first child.

Musk, 48, replied to a fan who was asking about the baby updated and said: “Mom and baby all good.”

Musk did not share any further details about the baby.

Grimes, 32, opened up about her pregnancy in January, stating that Musk is the dad in a March interview with Rolling Stone.

Canadian Grimes, in February, kept fans updated on most parts of her pregnancy, from sending an avatar named “Warnymph” to show up in her stead on a magazine spread to uncovering a bespoke formula for a supper called “sludge” that includes couscous, Vegenaise, sriracha, and vegetables.

Grimes depicted having a baby as “a pretty crazy sacrifice” to Rolling Stone in March, saying that “it’s sacrificing your body and your freedom.”

“I have spent my whole life avoiding that situation,” she stated, “so it was just a profound commitment.”

The baby is the first one to Grimes, while Musk has five children from his past union with creator Justine Wilson: Twins Griffin and Xavier and triplets Damian, Saxon, and Kai.