Ella Emhoff
Ella Emhoff

Ella Emhoff, the step-daughter of Kamala Harris, the newly appointed vice-president of the United States of America, outdid every expectation in the inauguration day ceremony. The ceremony was held on the 20th of January to mark the day of the inauguration of the new president and his administration.

What was expected from Ella Emhoff was to go unnoticed and overshadowed in the ceremony. This was because she was to share the platform with the already established fashion icons of the country. They are women like Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama. However, this was not the case. Ella Emhoff getting overshadowed by anyone with regard to fashion and outfit was something that did not take place at all.

Ella Emhoff And Her Famous Jacket

Everything from her choice of attire and the eyebrow dance carried out playfully, went viral over social media in no time. Ella Emhoff left the world to think about the possibilities that she might bring about, with regard to fashion, in the White House until the term of Kamala Harris as the vice-president. She is a student of design and an artist.

She chose to wear a jacket with the houndstooth pattern. And this proved to be a hit. The jacket came with a waist that was cringed. It also had white-collar which looked quite crisp. This was not it, the jacked had some embellishments which was visibly sparkly. The design student chose the jacket in the material of wool. Ella Emhoff in her jacket, won hearts, as she climbed down the Capitol building stairs. She was accompanied by Cole, her brother.

Evan Ross Katz, the writer, and editor made a comment on her choice of outfit. The embellishments attached to the jacket that she wore, was mentioned specifically. The comment stated that Ella Emhoff was a rising style icon.