The former 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren endorsed Joe Biden, former vice president on Wednesday morning.

Warren tweeted a video message endorsing Biden appreciating Biden’s helpful nature towards the struggling Americans.

Warren opined that at this moment of crisis, empathy and a good President are what is needed to re-establish America’s faith in a good government.

Warren also emphasized that Biden has been into social service for a long time now. She expressed her confidence in Biden saying that he knew how an effective government is run.

Criticizing President Donald Trump, Warren said, “And we can’t afford to let Donald Trump continue to endanger the lives and livelihoods of every American.”

The endorsement has come after the Democratic Party decided to be united and fight a general election campaign against Trump. Reportedly, all of Biden’s former rivals along with Warren has backed him up.

Two days before Warren’s endorsement, Sen Bernie Sanders officially supported Biden’s campaign. He has also appealed to all his allies to step forward and support Biden.

After Warren’s campaign in the previous month, speculations were rife about whether Warren will back Sanders or Biden.