Electoral College
Electoral College

The electoral college of the US will finally conclude the 2020 presidential election. This will take place on Monday. The electors all the 50 states as well as from the capital, will be formally casting their votes making President-elect Joe Biden, the official President of the United States of America.

This will also put an end to the hopes and efforts of the current President Donald Trump and his supporters to cause irregularities with the election results.

Electoral College Set To Face Defiance By Trump’s Supporters

Usually, this constitutional process carried out by the electoral college goes unnoticed. But things are different this time around. The last step towards concluding the election is being done against the defying force of President Trump.

This is derived from the fact that everybody is aware of. The unprecedented situation brought about by the sitting president of the US, Trump, concerning the 2020 presidential elections. That is his baseless, unscientific claims against the election results. Not only that but the efforts of him and his supporters to overturn them despite getting a turn-down from the Supreme Court.

This is the very reason why the electoral college is extra-aware along with being excited this time. They are confident about the protests that are to be carried out by the supporters of Trump this Monday. Especially the electors of the Democratic party are coordinating closely with the state-parties and the campaign of the president-elect.

They are trying hard to prevent any mishaps that might take place on the Monday ceremony. Following the situation, five states are under the radar that has allies of Trump. Those are Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

What this all means for President Trump is an end to his only chance of remaining in power.