Economic competition chief: More complaints against state bodies filed this year – Panorama

“In 2019, we launched 6 process over offenses of competition regulations by statebodies This is unmatched,” Gegham Gevorgyan, Chairman of the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition, claimed in the National Assembly on Monday, offering the record on the task of the payment last year.

He does not remember a situation when the payment formerly held a state body or a main accountable.

“The public must believe in self-governing bodies and also framework. If they see an offense of the regulations by the state or constraint of their legal rights, they need to certainly report it. This year we have more complaints and also suits against state bodies,” claimed the economic competition principal.

He revealed hope that state bodies and also authorities will certainly avoid dedicating offenses, mentioning that the research study of the problems of leasing the areas coming from state bodies has actually been noted amongst the concerns of 2020.

“There are complaints when the columns are given to various individuals under various problems. We are asking state bodies to effectively resolve these concerns,” he claimed.

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