eBay’s self computer vision team has come up with a new technology that is all set to be launched by the e-commerce site. Head gaze, the new technology will allow persons with motor disabilities to use various applications on their phones. 

Apple’s ARKIT developed this new technology. Reportedly, the iPhone X camera traces the movement of the head so that the person can use the screen hands-free.

This technology creates a virtual set-up for the person to pinpoint a particular area of the screen with his head movement and use the activated assigned buttons.

The technology will be up for grabs on Github.com from today via an open-source. This new technology is led by an intern of eBay and Ph.D. student, Mr. Muratcan Cicek, who suffers from motor disabilities.

Mr. Cicek said that this new technology could give rise to a whole new way of using phones.

eBay has been looking forward to launching new technologies since 2019. Last month the company launched an API update series and is reportedly working to develop its own servers. Meanwhile, they are also trying to re-platform their back-end infrastructure.