Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa stopped by The Tonight Show to promote her upcoming Future Nostalgia tour and spoke about her “lazy” dance, which went viral in 2018 for all the wrong reasons. Fortunately, as she told host Jimmy Fallon, the pain of millions of people ridiculing her motions has subsided, and the event has turned into a learning opportunity.

Dua Lipa isn’t going to let her past control her future. The singer, 26, discussed a viral video of her dancing at a concert in 2017 and how she has since reclaimed the dance as part of her current Future Nostalgia tour on Thursday’s program.

Dua Lipa Explained Her Grief And How She Didn’t Dwell On It

When host Jimmy Fallon highlighted how much her social media fans love the dance, he also mentioned how “haters” thought it was “lazy” and “uninspired” before Lipa compared it to putting her shoe on quickly. When Fallon, 47, asked why people are “so harsh,” the singer of “Physical” explained that there are no grudges. Dua is on tour right now, singing “Don’t Start Now,” and she’s doing the viral dance. Dua’s controversial choreography saw her swaying her hips back and forth while standing almost immobile, which many viewers found amusing.

Interestingly, the pop star has been complimented for her dancing following the commencement of her Future Nostalgia tour earlier this week. The New Rules singer thanked her detractors for the ‘online hatred’ she received for her dancing and stage presence in June, adding it inspired her to ‘become better.’ Meanwhile, while on the late-night show, she spoke with Fallon about getting to collaborate with Elton John on their hit song Cold Heart.