If you are going through a non-so-good time, this will fill you up with happiness. The sweetest picture ever was posted by Drake over Instagram that will simply melt away your heart!

The picture shows him cuddling with Adonis. He is, so cutely, dozing off on his son’s shoulders. Adonis is seen to be relaxing on Drake’s head and is holding what appears to be a snack.

Adonis is his son’s name, and he is three years old. The father and son duo can be seen chilling in their own way.

The caption given by Drake had the emoji of crossed fingers.

Their intimacy and snuggle are bound to give you chills.

The picture was showered with comments of love from fans and so many celebrities. The commentators included Justin Bieber and even Chance The Rapper who commented with the muscle pair emoji.



More On Drake And Adonis’s Adorable Relationship


The three-year-old cutie lives with Sophie Brussaux, his mother. Although he does not live under the same roof as his father, Drake never fails to spend time with him.

It was just last month that the popstar’s son turned three. He celebrated his birthday at Drake’s estate in Toronto with his father. Both were seen partying hard. They had black, white, and silver balloons that surrounded them.

Initially, the 34-year-old pop star, Drake, was coy about his status as a parent to Adonis. Later he made it official when he disclosed their bond on “Scorpion”, his album from 2018. Even now he is notoriously private about his three-year-old bundle of joy.


It is so necessary to see cute things like these. Especially when you’re going through a hard and awful time.