Dr. Fauci has mentioned that he believes El Pasoans are almost as vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus as the frontline workers trying to take care of the coronavirus patients. The assessment that Dr. Anthony Fauci is going for it based on his assessment of the conditions in which El Pasoans live. As per Fauci, the Borderland’s population suffers from many socio-economic conditions and hidden health problems which generally pass unnoticed by the records. Hence, these population groups, along with many other minority groups, have passed under the radar and can be more vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus than other people. 

These statements were made by Fauci while he was talking on a conference meeting with the Congresswoman of El Paso, Veronica Escobar. Fauci has shown concern over the reopening of certain areas of Texas. Veronica Escobar has also shared this concern about Greg Abbott, the Texas Governor who wants to open up Texas slowly.

According to Escobar, the testing done in Texas and El Paso has been low and currently, the number of Covid-19 cases being hospitalized is slowly increasing. So, the future does not seem any bit rosy and suggests that the lockdown period should be extended for a few more days.

The number of cases in El Paso grew to around 21 within 2 days which was about a 50% rise in the number of cases.

Fauci has previously stated that there should be an increase of testing and contact tracing – the two things that can significantly help fight off this virus. 

After this long conversation with Fauci, Escobar has suggested that she would push to acquire the necessary resources from the federal government to keep El Paso safe. 

Hopefully, the right decisions will be taken at this juncture and it will help to save more people in the long run. 

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