The Presidential Election is right around the corner and Dr. Anthony Fauci announces that he wishes the Trump campaign to take down their ad featuring him.

Dr. Fauci had earlier mentioned that he has not given his consent to be featured in a new advertisement from Trump’s campaign. The nation’s leading epidemiologist voices his issues with his feature in a political advertisement, that too, an advertisement touting President Trump’s handling of the pandemic crisis.

Fauci considers his presence in the ad as “really disappointing” and “really unfortunate”.

Dr. Fauci Mentions He Didn’t Consent To Trump Campaign’s Ad

His position to ask for the ad to be taken down, came only a day after he announced his dissent to be featured in such an ad in the first place. He further mentioned that his words had been taken out of context by Trump campaigners for the sake of the upcoming Presidential Elections.

Saying that he is clearly not a political person, Fauci elaborates that he had never endorsed a single political side neither directly nor indirectly.

The ad was released last week following the President’s discharge from the hospital. It’s a 30-seconds ad that shows the President’s own experience of dealing with the virus.

The Trump-ad uses a particular quote said by Dr. Fauci in an attempt to show that he is praising the President for his sincere contributions in dealing with the pandemic.

With the Presidential elections coming up, Fauci mentions that there isn’t a worse time to do this.