Dr. Anthony Fauci indicated the possibility of conducting professional sports this summer.

In interviews with Snapchat’s Peter Hamby, the disease expert had repeatedly stressed on following strict guidelines if sports are conducted. He suggested to only allow players inside the stadium, keeping them in hotels in a well-surveilled condition, having them tested every week, and making sure that they don’t infect each other and their families during or after the season.

Major League Baseball and its players are considering the possibility of starting the season in a single location, like Arizona. The Government is also willing to host all 30 teams if the conditions allow for it.

Fauci believed that fans would be interested to watch games, even if they could not attend. A poll suggested that while 72% of the Americans are not willing to attend the games without a working Coronavirus vaccine, 13% of the Americans showed their interest to attend the games if games resume.

President Donald Trump indicated that he is being helped by prominent figures in the sports world to help the economy