Dorinda Medley Shades ‘Tacky’ Bobby Berk After His RHONY Thief Accusations

Bobby Berk‘s latest claims about an unnamed Real Housewives Of New York star failed to sit right with Dorinda Medley, and she’s calling him out!!

While appearing on the Chanel In The City with Chanel Omari podcast, the truth star explained she wasn’t a fan of the “negative tone” the Queer Eye star cast on the ladies of Bravo by leaving the so-called thief unnamed.

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In a preview for the entire interview dropping next week, Medley explained to Omari:

“What’s the point? Where are we going with this? Timing’s terrible… Here’s the thing, say who it is or don’t say it at all. I don’t do riddles, okay?”

Though the Fab 5 member failed to name who he made the shocking allegations against, fans were quick to assume it had been Aviva Drescher based on the story. Despite Dorinda not knowing Aviva “that well” simply because they have been on different seasons of the series, she noted:

“I’ve met her a couple times… She has always been perfectly nice to me. I know nothing about her background.”

Ultimately, she said the situation is “tacky,” and added of the Netflix star:

“Five minutes of fame, hope you got it, hope you liked it.”

Not taking sides here… but she does know that he’s pretty well-known from their own show, right?! LOLz!!

This all started when Berk appeared on The Jenny McCarthy Show and spilled the tea of a mystery reality star who came into his Big Apple store by having an offer for exposure on the show:

“Turns out, of course, she wasn’t buying it. She didn’t even own the final one she had on the show that she said she owned. She’s like, ‘I want you to come in and design it all. I’m gonna put you on the show.’ And I wasn’t on TELEVISION yet. I still sort of liked the Housewives, so I was like, ‘Oh, OK, but just so you know, I’m not carrying it out for free. I don’t have to do it at no cost. I don’t necessarily know if the Housewives is really the exposure I want anyways, so I’ll do it for you personally at cost.’”

Apparently, the RHONY star agreed to pay him for his work, but tried to get away with him doing the project at no cost:

“Then, her husband calls and her husband’s like, ‘No, you just really need to do this for free,’ and tried to bully me into doing it for free. Finally I was like, ‘You know what? I’m not only not doing it for free, I’m not doing it anymore. I don’t need this.’ She came into my store the next week when I wasn’t there and told my staff that I had said she could take anything out of the store that she wanted to design her house for the shoot and here was her credit card and ‘If I don’t bring anything back, if I like something, you can just charge the credit card.’”

NOT a great look!!

The 38-year-old added that his employees had no idea in regards to the previous interaction and “cleaned out” the store at her request. They subsequently tried contacting her for months, and even running her bank card on file which was declined.

When Bobby sooner or later confronted the Bravolebrity about “literally” stealing, he was allegedly threatened by her husband:

“They said, ‘You know what? Then let’s go to court. This’ll be good TV. It’s easier for us just to have our lawyer deal with it than it would be to actually pay you.’”

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