Donna Brazile: Biden is a true friend of black Americans – His ‘you ain’t black’ comment doesn’t change that

The old stating “actions speak louder than words” must be made use of to contrast Biden’s superior document as a UNITED STATE legislator as well as vice head of state versus President Trump’s miserable document of separating Americans versus each various other.


Biden was best to say sorry Friday for informing the black radio talk program host that calls himself Charlamagne tha God previously in the day: “I tell you, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

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Biden was attempting to be amusing with the statement, yet he stopped working– as well as stated so quickly later himself. Unlike Trump, that will certainly never ever confess making a error, Biden has the nerve to confess when he states the incorrect point.

“I was much too cavalier. I know that the comments have come off like I was taking the African-American vote for granted. But nothing could be further from the truth,” Biden stated in a digital address to the UNITED STATE Black Chambers, a organisation team, hrs after his radio meeting. “I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy.”

“No one ought to need to elect any kind of event, based upon their race or religious beliefs or history,” Biden stated.

I claim: Thanks,Mr VicePresident Apology approved. And many thanks,Mr Vice President, for your constant assistance for years for the vital problems that issue to African-Americans

Biden has actually won the frustrating assistance of black chosen leaders as well as millions of African- Americans that have actually evaluated him based upon his document, management as well as personality.

The highest-ranking black participant of the UNITED STATE House of Representatives– Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C.– offered Biden a critical recommendation for the South Carolina governmental key this year that aided Biden end up being the presumptive Democratic governmental candidate.

“I know Joe Biden. I know his character, his heart, and his record,” Clyburn stated. “Joe Biden has actually meant the tireless individuals of SouthCarolina We understandJoe But a lot more significantly, he understands us.”

And I can inform you from direct experience that Biden recognizes that he can not take any person for approved– specifically currently, when our lives as well as source of incomes go to risk in the November political election.

And I can inform you that Biden’s document is anything yet not so serious when it pertains to defending civil liberties, electing legal rights, as well as kitchen area table problems like healthcare, education and learning therefore several various other problems that issue for African-Americans throughout this nation. Millions of various other black Americans understand this also.

Biden has actually won the frustrating assistance of black chosen leaders as well as millions of African- Americans that have actually evaluated him based upon his document, management as well as personality.

We understand that when Joe Biden entered national politics it was due to the fact that of his dedication to sign up with the defend civil liberties as well as ballot legal rights. This dedication inspired him to open up doors for others as well as make sure everybody has a course to go after the American Dream.

We understand Joe Biden was an invariably faithful vice head of state that turned up everyday to add to the success of our country’s initial African-American head of state– President BarackObama Quite a comparison to Trump, that assaults as well as disrespects Obama virtually daily already as well as wrongly declared that Obama was birthed in Africa as well as not the United States.

We understand Joe Biden has strategies that will certainly assist raise African-Americans, specifically currently, when our economic climate as well as healthcare remain in a totally free loss.

A Biden management will certainly suggest a fairer Justice Department that will certainly defend ballot legal rights as well as will certainly advise states to immediately recover ballot legal rights for people founded guilty of felonies that have actually offered their sentences. A Biden management will certainly impose civil liberties regulations intensely.

Biden has actually stated he will certainly assign the initial African-American lady to the UNITED STATE Supreme Court, as component of a slate of courts he will certainly assign to assist even more America’s march in the direction of equal rights as well as justice for all.

Biden understands that the African-American neighborhood has actually been overmuch influenced by COVID-19 as well as commonly does not have required healthcare insurance coverage. Unlike President Trump– that has actually curtailed the Affordable Care Act as well as weakened Medicaid– Biden will certainly not quit battling till every American has inexpensive healthcare by increasing ObamaCare, boosting public wellness, as well as guaranteeing top quality assisted living facility.

Biden has actually constantly recognized that millions of African-Americans are component of the labor force that bases on the cutting edge to protect as well as offer our nation, yet continue to be at the back of the line when it pertains to pay, advantages as well as equity in the work environment.

Biden understands that a caring federal government does not send out individuals to deal with the cutting edge of a dilemma without proper equipment.He will certainly defend risk pay, overtime pay as well as a living wage for employees in our medical facilities, grocery stores, police, public transportation as well as somewhere else.

While Trump tweets his mad outbursts, disrespects as well as incorrect insurance claims virtually all the time in a continuously tantrum, Biden is concentrated on civil service as well as addressing the troubles challenging our country based upon realities instead of feeling.


Behind the tweets as well as remarks of any kind of politician, what is in your heart is showed in the activities you take. In this political election it’s not also a close telephone call regarding that will certainly sustain areas of shade, the inadequate as well as our battling center course. Thesc areas require this support currently greater than any kind of various other time in our life time.

Will Biden be pitch-perfect on all issues of race, society as well as national politics? In the wake of his assistance for plans like the bipartisan 1994 criminal activity costs, black citizens will certainly be determined that Biden do even more to assist those looking for to recover their ballot legal rights as well as to deal with African-Americans reasonably.

The Biden Plan for Black America describes thoroughly exactly how the previous vice head of state’s plans would certainly profit African-Americans as well as is worth analysis.


For currently, I am mosting likely to approve Joe Biden’s apology as well as remain to hold him as well as the event that I when led liable to be greater than black like me.

I desire the Democratic Party as well as a President Biden to be supporters for justice as well as equal rights for allAmericans But something is without a doubt: they will certainly do a much much better task than President Trump as well as the Republicans if Biden end up in the White House.


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