Donald Trump
Donald Trump

President Donald Trump will be returning to Washington sooner than anticipated for a disruption planned by Republicans during next week when Congress will be meeting to certify the win of President-elect Biden.

According to 3 people attending Trump’s party, Trump will be leaving Palm Beach even before his New Year party, although guests have been gathering at his club in South Florida because they know that Trump would attend the party. Donald Trump usually relishes appearing in the presence of his friends and the press on a red carpet but this time he is skipping his event as a part of his unusual move. In the daily schedule of the President on Thursday, the House stated that Melania Trump, the first lady, and the President will be leaving Florida at 11 am for returning to Washington.

Will This Be An Opportunity For Donald Trump?

During his stay inside his Florida club, Donald Trump was focusing single-mindedly on the results of the 2020 election and the certification process by Congress which is set to happen on January 6. Following his losses in the court cases along with his appeal getting annulled by the highest court of the country, Trump is viewing the event of January 6 as the best opportunity for overturning the election results which he lost. Donald Trump is in a very irritated mood while being on his trip and was constantly fuming about most of the things from the results of the election to his wife’s renovations inside Trump’s private quarters.

At one moment, Trump also spoke about how the possible retaliation of Iran to his country’s drone strike killing Qasem Soleimani, the top general of Iran, was concerning him. One person has also speculated that this issue could be a major contributing factor to his very early departure. The President ordered the drone strike on 3rd January 2020.