Donald Trump
Donald Trump

There was a mixed result on the floor of the House for President Donald Trump. The voting incident took place on Monday. the Democrats were joined by the Conservatives as well, for the voting of the 2000 USD stimulus check. The increased amount of the stimulus check was in accordance with the demands laid down by President Trump.

However, the day also came with a disadvantage for the President. The defense bill that he vetoed, got overridden by the House. President Donald Trump had not agreed to the defense bill and had criticized it on so many grounds. This act of overriding the veto by the House is seen as a mark of his diminishing power as the President.

President Donald Trump’s Twitter Criticisms

Following the incident, President Trump took on the social media platform, Twitter, to give his remarks. He mentioned that the US Senate should uphold his veto. They should not let the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, popularly known as the defense bill. President Trump also left no stone unturned to criticize the Republicans. He called them tired and weak. He said that they will try their best to pass the bill.

President Donald Trump further went on to criticize the bill. He said that passing the bill would mean submitting toward Big Tech. it would make the authorities look very weak. This, he said to take a dig at his own Republican partners.

In another of his Tweets, President Donald Trump mentioned the 2000 USD stimulus bill. He asked the Senate to grant approval of it. He criticized the Republicans again. He said that the leaders of that party only took the road where there was the least resistance. He called them to be pathetic.