Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The newly elected president of the United States of America, President Joe Biden, gave a statement about the former President, Donald Trump. This statement came on Wednesday. He mentioned that before leaving the White House, Donald Trump wrote him a letter which was a very generous one.

Donald Trump Followed The White House Tradition

The President also mentioned that he would not give out the contents of the letter that Donald Trump left for him anytime soon. He would do so maybe after he has a talk about it with him.  He added that he chooses to do this out of the respect that he has for the former president of the United States of America. This was said by Biden after signing the executive orders of his first day in the Oval Office. He gave out the statement as he sat on the Resolute Desk.

A senior aide of Donald Trump gave a statement following the generous letter. It was mentioned that writing a letter to the new President of the United States of America, had been on the list of the former president. The list lay on the table of the Oval Office on the night of Tuesday. The aide stated that the letter contained or the “personal note” written by Donald Trump, wished the President and his administration to do good for the country.  It also wished the President to have a successful presidential career.

According to someone from the inside, Donald Trump kept the letter that wrote to Joe Biden, private. It was kept from most of his aides. This tradition of letter writing is a modern tradition of the White House. A letter is left for the successors by the outgoing presidents.