Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton has recently turned down the proposal which would add yet another accolade. This time she refused her home state of Tennessee not to erect a statue of hers as she considers it to be highly inappropriate.

Dolly Parton stated that she has requested the lawmakers not to consider the bill that would enable a statue of her to be built in the Capitol grounds of the state. This took place just a few weeks after the Capitol Hill riots shook the entire United States, the oldest democracy in the world.

Dolly Parton Turns Down Another Accolade

Dolly Parton has also revealed that she refused the Presidential Medal of Freedom two times.

Parton took to her social media handle on Instagram to post that she is extremely thankful to the legislature of Tennessee state for considering her in the bill that will allow the erection of the statue of her on the grounds of the Capitol of the state.

She further added that although she feels extremely humbled and honored by the intention, she has to request the leaders to remove this bill and not reject the consideration of erecting her statue.

This bill was introduced by John M. Windle, the Representative of the State, and was passed through the House of the state committee on the 9th of February. Nonetheless, Parton is a strong-willed woman and prevented the bill there and then.

Parton gave the reason that considering the shocking events that were witnessed by the nation recently last month, she does not think it is appropriate to put her on a pedestal at this time. She also hoped that after some years she will do something that will make her deserving of such an honor.