DOGE Tik Tok Pump Likely Over, OKCcoin CMO Says

Dogecoin’s (DOGE) price has fallen somewhat after social networking enthusiasts promoted the asset for days on Tik Tok so that you can send the asset to $1. The escapade shows signs of conclusion based on OKCoin CMO Haider Rafique.  

“The Doge/Tik Tok effect is really down to the vitality of the Tik Tok platform, more than the crypto industry, as it thrives off of creating viral challenges – a category in which this Dogecoin challenge fits,” Rafique told Cointelegraph on July 10. 

He added:

“Tik Tok challenges tend to come and go in very short cycles, and looking at the 20% drop in its price in the last 24 hours, it has likely run its course already.”  

Tik Tokers created Dogecoin awareness, pumping its price

A viral movement on the social media platform Tik Tok saw people buying Dogecoin while urging their viewers to do exactly the same.

The goal of the effort — sending Dogecoin’s price to $— is really a tremendous feat considering its price didn’t break above a penny throughout the challenge, based on Cointelegraph price data. During the Tik Tok movement, however, DOGE managed to double in price before plummeting back off over the last day or two. 

Dogecoin internet traction falls

Other than Dogecoin’s recent price fall, other metrics also hint at the fad’s conclusion. “Google Trends also shows that looks for Dogecoin have returned to a more normal level from its viral moment on Wednesday [July 8],” Rafique said. 

“We in the crypto market should be careful of these viral moments as it detracts from our long-term goal of creating a global, equitable financial system,” he added. 

DOGE also saw listing on Bitfinex throughout the coin’s amount of time in the limelight, potentially marking at least some type of long-term industry effect as a result of the movement. 

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