We hear very often that “Gardening is a hobby” and you might think that it is a bit of an exaggeration isn’t it? 

I would like to stress that for some gardening is a hobby and for some others, it is like an exercise or recreation.  

Gardening helps to stimulate the sensory experience that allows you to connect with your primal state. These experiences cannot be put in words, you can only feel its positive outcomes. 

Working in the garden gives a separate level of happiness. You feel refreshed, your mood-swings will be treated, and it will also help you connect with nature. 

The need for gardening is more today when people are forced to self isolate themselves. Though this is done to stop the widespread use of the COVID 19, it is also increasing the anxiety and depression level among the people. 

To fight these anxieties and depression, people can spend time gardening. This will not only make their garden beautiful, but it will also help them to reduce stress and depression. 

What Experts Have To Say About Gardening? 

Experts believe that gardening has no negative outcomes. They bore only positive fruits that help people both physically and mentally. Here is how gardening can help you to soothe your mind and soul. 

1. Relieves Stress-  

Gardening is a unique activity that gives you a feeling of both productivity and serenity. The environment of gardening can help you smooth out your stress. It leaves a long-lasting effect on your conscience that helps you fight anxiety, depression, and deficit disorder. And don’t forget the green colour that has been scientifically proven to soothe your eyes. 

A study in the Netherlands found that gardening is several times more potent to reduce stress and anxiety than any other medicine or leisure activity. This study was conducted between two groups. One group was asked to read books after a long working day, and the other group was asked to do gardening. 

The result was clear, the gardening group was in a better mood compared to the reading group. 

2. Better Mental Health-  

We all know that physical activity and mental health are intrinsically linked together. To maintain their physical health, people tend to do aggressive forms of exercise. However, with gardening, several calories are burnt without feeling like an imposed activity. 

Working out in the gym or going out in the park may not seem like a safe option to maintain your physical health. If there are older adults in your home, gardening might improve their chronic pain and dementia. 

3. Exercise-  

If you cannot find yourself time for some exercise, gardening can help you get out of your house for some fresh air and sunshine. Gardening is filled with different kinds of movements that help you with your physical exercise. 

There are lots of activities in gardening that can be classified in several workout regimens. For instance, activities like Digging, planting, and weeding are excellent forms of low impact exercises. 

The best thing about gardening is that people love to do it more often than other workout activities. 

4. Brain Health-  

Some research has found that physical activity related to gardening can keep your brain healthy. In the research, people of age group 16 to 70s were monitored. It was seen that those who indulge themselves in gardening have more advanced and fast thinking capabilities than the non-gardeners. 

However, if you have a patient who cannot indulge (him/her) self in the physical activities of gardening, you can ask them to have a barefooted walk in the garden. This method acts like therapy and helps to boost their recovery. 

5. Nutrition-  

Finally, the food that you grow for yourself is the freshest food you can ever get. Normally buying fruits and vegetables from the supermarket means they have gone through several processing units before being packed. This can raise questions on their freshness. 

However, with the fruits and vegetables grown in your garden, you can maintain a stable supply of fruits and vegetables daily. 


You don’t need to have experience or a big backyard to start with gardening. While some people prefer gardening to take their minds off things, others invest or start trading. The thrill of being successful as a crypto trader can also help you soothe your senses. For more information, you should visit the crypto profit