Disneyland has made a cancellation of the program of its annual pass holders. This decision was reached in order to manage the problem of overcrowding through the use of membership programs. That is because it most likely that the capacity-constrained Anaheim theme parks of Disneyland could be faced with overcrowding problems, once the coronavirus-induced closure ended.

Disneyland Cancelled Due To The Pandemic

The officials made the announcement that the prorated refunds will be initiated to all the holders of the annual pass. This will be done on the 1r4th of January, that is on Thursday. There has been no mention of the number of people holding the annual passes. However, according to the estimation done by the industry of theme parks, it is likely to be a million. There are talks concerning the fact that after the reopening of the Disney California Adventure and Disneyland, the membership program for a new Disneyland will begin.

The president of the Disneyland resort, Ken Potrock, gave a statement concerning the matter of refund. He mentioned the reasons for the necessary steps taken by them. He also added that they were currently developing consumer-insight-based membership programs. This, according to Ken Potrock, would bring about enhanced flexibility and choice-based experiences for the fans.

Most of the holders of annual passes were dissatisfied with the decision. Danna Collins, one of the holders, said that this was a huge disappointment to the community of the local Disneyland pass holders. It was mentioned that this was a shameful decision because the Florida-based Walt Disney World had been in operation since the month of July. Collins also mentioned that it was getting harder, day by day, to get into places that made them happy.