Disney Plus

Reports from The Wall Street Journal and Variety have highlighted that when the ad-supported plan of Disney Plus goes on air, it will cut down ads to four minutes per hour. As pointed out by Variety, this would make Disney offer far lesser ads per hour than most of its competitors. Peacock- NBC’s company- runs no more than 5 minutes of ads per every hour of content. On the other hand, HBO Max puts up four minutes of ads every hour. The planned number of ads of Disney even beats Hulu- which would be running anywhere between nine to 12 ads in a single hour. 

Disney Plus Unveils New Plan That Would Support Ads

What is of more concern are the ads themselves. For this, Disney Plus is going to take a cautious approach that would maintain its family-friendly image. Interestingly, the company isn’t just cutting out ads that could potentially have adult themes- the company won’t just accept any ads if they are from their competition either. Currently, Disney’s main focus is on removing ads from all shows when used through a kids’ profile. Sources close to the situation have informed Variety that Disney would be removing ads on shows which have been geared towards an audience consisting of preschoolers- even if the users don’t have a kids’ profile. 

Back in March, Disney Plus had announced that it would be launching a far cheaper, ad-supported option for the States in late 2022- which would then be made available to other countries. Although there aren’t any solid details of how cheaper this option would be as the streaming platform currently costs $7.99 per month without ads. Nevertheless, the company stated that it had added around 7.9 million new subscribers the previous quarter with the subscriber base growing to about 44 million people. 

Unfortunately, while Disney Plus’ subscriber count has started increasing exponentially, Netflix’s has shrunk considerably.