Dingdong Dantes is utilizing the quarantine time to its fullest. The actor recently revealed through a post on Instagram that his lifelong dream of playing guitar has been finally fulfilled.

Dante reminisced about his grade school when he was a band member. His amateur rock band’s highest point of success was becoming the first runner up in the Battle of The Bands organized by his school in ’94. “Since then,” Dante adds, “I’ve always wanted to learn how to play a whole song on guitar…”


Dante had not only given up but had also forgotten about his dream when a post by his friend rekindled his childhood desire. He decided to use the break due to the enhanced community quarantine to live his dream. However, finding a guitar during ECQ was next to impossible.

His childhood friend as well as his grade school friend came to his rescue and handed him a guitar. Since then he has followed numerous guitar tutorials for beginners. He is planning on playing the happy birthday song for his Little Buddy’s celebration.