Diddy is one of the most famous personalities in the Hollywood industry. He is better known as Sean Combs. Sean has recently confirmed about the fact that Will Smith and Chris Rock are now friends.

They currently hold no grudge against each other. Diddy appeared for an exclusive interview with Page Six recently. He stated that both the stars have sorted things out between them after the conclusion of the Oscars 2022.

However, Sean refused to elaborate on how both the stars have solved their issues. One of the sources confirmed that Combs had a talk with both Smith and Rock. A trusted source has also conveyed the news that the stars set up a meeting with each other after the recently concluded Academy Awards.

Smith refused to apologize to Rock on stage while accepting his award for the best actor. Will Smith said in his speech that he wanted to apologize to the Academy as well as to all his fellow nominees.

He termed the moment as a beautiful and precious one for him. Smith stated that the most special thing about winning an award is that he was able to shine a light on all the people. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Diddy Says Will Smith & Chris Rock Are Fine 

The infamous slap created a huge rift between Will Smith and Chris Rock recently. Both the actors were very much mad at each other.

However, Diddy has confirmed that all is fine between the two as of now. 

Most of the attendants at the show thought that the slap was a part of the script. However, they soon realized that it was not.

Will Smith immediately shouted at the comedian and asked him not to involve his wife in the matter.

The good news, according to Diddy is that all these feuds are a thing of the past now.