Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) has been demoted by Jefferies Financial Group, equities researchers, to a rating of ‘hold’ from ‘buy’ on Thursday.

On Thursday, Tesla shares started from $22.59 that made it hit $627.07 in the stock market. The market cap is $594.40 billion with 66,381,262 trading shares. The current, quick, and debt-to-equity quotient are 1.25, 0.92, and 0.98. Their lowest in 52 weeks is $70.10 along with the highest being $654.32. Tesla’s simple moving 50-day average price is $481.81 with 200-day being $359.85.

According to the 21st October report, the company had $0.76 quarterly earnings EPS that surpassed the $0.22 consensus estimate by Zacks by almost $0.54. They also had an $8.77 billion revenue, surpassing the $8.29 billion estimate. The return equity is 4.19% with the net margin being 1.43%.

TSLA Stock Transactions

Goldman Sachs lifted TSLA stock by giving a rating of ‘buy’ from ‘neutral’. ValuEngine demoted it to a rating of ‘hold’ from ‘buy’ while BidaskClub gave a rating of ‘buy’ from ‘strong buy’. Citigroup increased the price objective to $117 from $110 and gave a rating of ‘sell’. DZ Bank reissued the rating of ‘sell’. The company has a consensus ‘hold’ rating with a price target being $284.34.

Andrew Baglino, SVP, sold off 1,100 shares at $420 EPS worth $462,000 on 10th November. Insiders own 23% of TSLA stock at present.

Jennison Associates raised their holdings by approximately 384.5% after owning $8,041,114,000 worth of Tesla stock while Nuveen Management increased their holdings with shares worth $2,264,369,000. ARK Management increased its position by almost 381.6% and presently owns $1,471,838,000 worth of shares. UBS Americas owns shares priced at $1,275,624,000 and Swiss Bank boosted its holdings by 395%, owning shares worth $1,238,923,000. Institutional investors own 48.22% Tesla stock at the moment.