Crews will continue to study locations on Staten Island, establish management strategies to slow its spread, authorities stated, and individuals are motivated to report possible sightings utilizing a web reporting tool.

State authorities stated that while these bugs can leap and fly brief ranges, they spread out mainly through human activity, laying their eggs on lorries, stone, rusty metal, outside furnishings, and fire wood. Adult found lanternfly can drawback trips in lorries, on any outside product, or hold on to clothes or hats, and be quickly transferred into and throughout New York state.

Adult lanternfly are active from July toDecember They are around one-inch long and half an inch broad at rest, with captivating wings. Adults start laying eggsin September Signs of a problem might consist of:

• Sap exuding or weeping from open injuries on tree trunks, which appear damp and release fermented smells.

• One- inch-long egg masses that are brownish-gray, waxy and mud-like when brand-new. Old egg masses are brown and scaly.

• Massive honeydew accumulation under plants, often with black sooty mold establishing.

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