Deshaun Watson
Deshaun Watson

In the midst of all the rumblings with regard to the franchise quarterback player of the team, the Houston Texans made a fresh addition to their team. they appointed their new general manager, Nick Caserio. When the newly appointed manager, Nick, was asked about the player Deshaun Watson, he seemed to be direct.

He gave a lengthy statement with regard to Deshaun Watson. Nick Caserio stated that the team was starting afresh with the new year. The new general manager expressed the admiration and respect that he has for the quarterback play, Watson. He also acknowledged the contributions of the player to the team in the statement. The general manager affirmed the fact that Deshaun Watson is the quarterback of the Houston Texas.

What Upset Deshaun Watson?

A report was out from the network of the National Football League with regard to the new appointment of the team. according to it, Deshaun Watson is not happy about the situation. It is said that he was bummed about his lack of involvement in the decision of appointing the new general manager, Nick Caserio.

The report also revealed that the owner of the Houston Texans, Cal McNair, had made it clear to Watson about his deciding role in the already-made appointment. And this is what caused disappointment to the quarter player, the most.

It also got revealed by the report that there has been no communication between the two important members of the Houston Texans post the general manager appointment. It got confirmed by Cal McNair, the team’s owner that there has been no form of communication between him and Deshaun Watson. Sources also revealed that there had been attempts made by the team’s officials to contact the player, but it has not happened until now.