DeSean Jackson
DeSean Jackson

There will be an increased number of veterans on the market of the free agent. It will take place this offseason. According to the NFL, in the year 2021, the amount of salary cap is said to be 180 million USD. If compared to the same from the year 2020, there has been a drop of 9%. No teams had planned that the cap would go down. However, it did, owing to the coronavirus pandemic. This has had a direct effect on DeSean Jackson, the American football player from the team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

DeSean Jackson’s Unfortunate Situation

Not all teams are in a bad state. But the ones that are, are now having to make decisions that are very hard to take. This has to be done in order to get themselves “under the cap”. Decisions were taken this Friday. This comes way before the league begins. The Philadelphia Eagles had to make a cut on DeSean Jackson. He had been one of the longtime stars of the team. The Green Bay Packers also released two of their starters in order to cope with the criteria.

DeSean Jackson is known for being the best deep threat in the history of the league. the news of him getting released was announced on the social media platform, Instagram. It was done so by the team itself. The response that came from the player post the announcement was that he still wanted to play.

DeSean Jackson had participated in playing eight seasons out of the total 13 seasons of the NFL. He did so as a team member of the Philadelphia Eagles. The total number of scores he made was 56. However, the player had to face some issues related to his health. This took place for the past two seasons.