Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is a well known face in America. He is one of the best actors in America and is known for his on and off-screen acting prowess. Washington has received a number of awards for his impeccable talent and has a worldwide fan base.

He has recently reflected his thoughts on the recent incident that took place with Will Smith. Will Smith got involved in one of the biggest controversies of recent times. He slapped the anchor Chris Rock at the Oscars.

Washington feels that these are deeds of the devil. Denzel appeared at the Bishop T.D. Jakes’ leadership summit recently. He stated that the devil will make people do the wrong thing just before something good is going to happen to them.

Washington referred to the fact that Will won the Oscars soon after he slapped Rock. Chris Rock joked about the bald head of Will’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. Will was furious about the comment and went up straight to the anchor.

Much to the shock of everyone, he slapped Chris Rock in front of a live audience. Denzel Washington stated that this was the devil that made him do it. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Denzel Washington Prayed With Will Smith 

Denzel Washington stated that one needs to be focused and do the right things when the time is hard.

The audience at the show could not grasp the incident and thought it to be a part of the script. Will won the Oscars immediately after the slap.

He apologized to the Academy and the crowds for his actions. 

Denzel Washington extended his support to Will Smith. He wished that Will would be strong enough to fight and come out of the controversy soon.

However, he also stated that he and Will both got involved in a praying session after the Oscars. What exactly did they pray has not yet been disclosed.