Dem Rep. Ayanna Pressley Says Black Lives Matter A Mandate – ‘Pay Us What You Owe Us’

Democrat Representative Ayanna Pressley, speaking meant for the Black Lives Matter movement, said activists have already been given a mandate and that America needs to “pay us what you owe us.”

Shockingly, she made these comments on the ground of the House of Representatives, inclined to “Madam Speaker” – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pressley asserted that “centuries of institutionalized oppression” still need to be corrected in this nation and “racism in America is as structural as the marble pillars of this very institution.”

She said this as a black woman in the halls of Congress. She said this despite the same rioting and anti-police sentiments taking place under eight years of a black president.

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‘Pay Us What You Owe Us’

And for anybody who had “reparations” in your race-baiting bingo card, well, Democrats finally revealed that most of these riots haven’t been about George Floyd or justice at all, but alternatively, money.

“Black Lives Matter is a mandate from the people. It’s time,” she claimed. “Pay us what you owe us. Our Black skin is not a crime, it is the beautiful robe of nation builders.”

Pressley called out groups that have been victims of racial injustice.

“On behalf of every family member that has been forced to see their loved one lynched on national television,” she announced. “Driving while Black. Jogging while Black. Sleeping while Black. We have been criminalized for the very way we show up in the world.”

A great majority of the prison populations and victims of extortionate use of force are male as well. Is the system of law enforcement also sexist?

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Defund the Police

Pressley was one of many first Democrats to outright admit that the radical left’s push to “defund the police” was about reparations.

During a TIME100 Talks discussion early in the day this week, the Squad member called the push to defund a “reckoning” and said that “first responders have a role to play in society, but they needn’t play a role in every part of society.”

Notice these same activists calling to remove the police will be the ones who cry if they aren’t there, as we saw in Seattle’s CHAZ.

“This is simply about a refund,” Pressley said of taking resources away from police force. “This is about true reparations.”

No, this is about handing out free money to people in the hopes of buying votes.

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