Defense Bill
Defense Bill

The President of The US, Donald Trump, put a veto on the defense bill. This incident took place on Wednesday. The defense bill amounted to the spending of 740 billion USD and creates an outline of the policy of the Pentagon.

The defense bill works towards funding the national security portfolio of America. Its passage will extend security to the pay raises of the soldiers. It will also allow the smooth functioning of the crucial programs of the modernization of the defense.

Trump’s Reasons For Vetoing The Defense Bill

President Trump stated his reasons for vetoing the defense bill following the Wednesday act. He mentioned to the Congress that the bill had too many faults in it to be made into an act. It was said that the bill was a contradiction to the main principle of the Trump administration, that is the America-first policy, in terms of foreign policies and national security. The bill also did not contain any such provisions that paid respect to the veterans and the history of the American military. He also said that the vetoed bill did not contain any such critical measures for national security. President Trump concluded by saying that the bill was like a present to the two non-friendly states of America, Russia, and China.

The National Defense Authorization Act was passed by both the houses of the US Congress with the required margin of veto-proof. What this signifies is the fact that the veto extended by President Trump would probably be overridden.

The job to override President Trump is on Congress. They will be returning on Monday after they break for the holidays. Mitch McConnell has given a statement about this issue. He said that his chamber would work toward overriding Trump’s veto of the defense bill.