The last month saw quite a significant drop in the short interest of EKSO, with the short interest having a sum total of about 145,900 shares. This was seen against the backdrop of a staggering drop of 16.9%, from the 15th December total of 175,500 shares. Close to 2% of the stocks have been sold short. And if these were based on the trading volume on a daily average, the ratio for days to cover has been 1.4 days.

The Quarterly Earnings of EKSO

The stocks of EKSO have been subjected to quite a few research reports. Zacks Investment Research has already increased the shares of the company from a rating of hold to a rating of sell. HC Wainwright also decreased the price target on the company from $12 to $11, along with a rating of buy in a 30th October research note. 

The shares of EKSO traded on Wednesday at $8.68. The moving average price of the company over 50-days was $6.44, with the moving average price over 200-days fixed at $5.72. The quick ratio of the company was 3.70, while the ratio of 0.37 was set for debt-to-equity. The market cap of EKSO was $72.18 million, with a -2.96 PEG ratio. The year low of the firm was $2.25, with the year high being fixed at $10.74. 

EKSO shares previously announced their quarterly report on the 29th of October. The EPS reported by the company for that quarter was $0.52, which was more than the consensus estimate of about $0.40 for the firm. The company also had a return on its equity at a negative 201.69%, with a 140.82% negative net margin. The revenue for the firm for this quarter was $2.90 million.