death on the nile
death on the nile

Death On The Nile has been a much-awaited film. The movie was very much hyped by the fans. From the time the post-production ended, audiences were eager to feast their eyes on the movie. 

The movie is based on the murder mystery novel written by Agatha Christie. Social media was buzzing with excitement even before the movie hit the theatres. Several YouTube channels covered the film and did a detailed review. The cast contains big names such as Gal Gadot and Armie Hammer. The movie did not disappoint the makers at all. 

Soon after its release, fans started queueing up outside the theatres. The initial business was overwhelming for the production house. The movie had record opening day sales that set the right tone for the movie. The figures have not stopped since then. The movie has already left behind last year’s biggest hit “Spiderman: No Way Home”. 

The movie is still going very much strong and is expected to earn more happiness for the production house. Death On The Nile is currently leading the box office charts. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Death On The Nile Going Strong 

Death On The Nile was a dream project for Disney. The movie is co-produced by 20th-century studios and Disney. 

They invested $90million to make the movie and are expecting to make every penny count. The response does not seem to have disheartened the producers. The movie currently stands at a whopping $12.8million in the box office. This figure was recorded on Sunday, after the first week. 

The success of Death On The Nile is special because it is Super Bowl time. People don’t usually go to the movies at the time of the Super Bowl. Despite the adversities, the movie has been soaring the box office charts. It now remains to be seen how much profit the movie can garner in the coming days.