David Letterman

David Letterman is one of the greatest comedians of recent times. He has been a rock when it comes to comedy shows.  The veteran actor has recently joked about the recent attacks on Dave Chappelle. Chappelle was performing live at the “Netflix is a joke” event. Suddenly, a person evaded the security and came charging toward Dave. The comedian was startled by the sudden occurrence.

To everyone’s shock, the invader ran into the comedian and tackled him roughly on the floor. The security guards quickly gained composure and arrested the man. It was found upon investigation that the attacker had a knife with him that could have been harmful. Letterman was teased about the incident recently in one of his live performances. David started by extending his gratitude to the fans for attending his show. Letterman looked up and abruptly started to panic.

Everyone was startled as they noticed that the comedian was fleeing away from the center stage. Letterman quickly addressed the crowds and stated that he mistook the waiter for a probable attacker. This sudden gesture had all the spectators laughing. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

David Letterman Asks Fans To Beat Him 

David Letterman addressed the recent controversy involving Dave Chappelle in his unique way. He did not mention Dave, however, his actions clearly pointed to the incident.

Letterman stated that he was afraid of anyone walking up to the stage. He further joked and stated that he would be spending time on the balcony after the show. 

David Letterman invited fans to come to find him on the balcony and beat him. He also asked the crowd how many of them wanted to physically harm the comedian.

The whole audience burst into laughter during the show.