Dan Quinn
Dan Quinn

The Dallas Cowboys have hired Dan Quinn for a three-year contract to be the club’s Defensive Coordinator (DC). Quinn was with the Seahawks for two seasons as their DC when he was the most sought-after DC prior to 2015. After that, he was hired away by the Atlanta Falcons.

Though his stint with the Seahawks as their DC helped the team reach the zenith of success, it was not the same with the Falcons. Dan Quinn’s association with the Falcons from 2015 to 2020 failed them miserably for their bad defenses other than the only instance in 2017 when they fared well. The team even failed in the Super Bowl (2016) due to their bad defense.

Dan Quinn In Charge

Year Team Defensive DVOA Rank Cap Spent on Defense Rank No. of Defensive All-Pros
2013 SEA 1 16 3
2014 SEA 2 12 4
2015 ATL 18 29 0
2016 ATL 19 28 1
2017 ATL 17 23 1
2018 ATL 30 25 0
2019 ATL 17 15 1


Undoubtedly, Dan Quinn knows his job very well and it’s the reason the Cowboys have welcomed him on board aiming to strengthen their defense. He will surely give out his best but one must also realize it’s a team sport and he is not here to play God.

However, hard Cowboy fans and NFL decision-makers may want to believe Quinn to have superpowers and make happen the impossible by transforming the team’s performance. There are other resources, areas, and factors to be catered to with equal importance and expertise to bring about a meaningful turnaround in the team’s performance. An influx of worthy and external talents and resources is of prime importance that can bring drastic changes in the Cowboy’s performance with Dan Quinn at the helm.