Dan Hayhurst
Dan Hayhurst

Pamela Anderson got married again. According to sources, the wedding took place in December, in the year 2020. The whole wedding was carried in a very covert manner. The Baywatch actor married Dan Hayhurst, her bodyguard.

The 53-year-old bride got married on the eve of Christmas. It happened in Canada. The whole wedding ceremony was carried out in the backyard of the bride’s house which is situated on Vancouver Island. Both Dan Hayhurst and Pamela met in Vancouver for the first time when the Coronavirus pandemic had just begun. The wedding ceremony was officiated by a pastor from the locality. The couple read their respective wedding vows.

Dan Hayhurst Loves “Truly”

Pamela shared the photos of the wedding with a resource on the 27th of January, this Wednesday. The photos revealed the dress she wore while getting married to Dan Hayhurst. The bride had a combination of light blue and white dress on. She also a corset on top of the dress which was cream in color.

Pamela gave a heartfelt statement about her relationship with her husband Dan Hayhurst to a newspaper from Britain. she said that she was in the right place which was with her husband who loved her truly.

Sources also revealed that the witness of the ceremony was Qiyupelenexw from the Snuneymuxw First Nation. The Paddle song was sung at the wedding as a sign of the start of a new journey. The model stated that both Pamela and Dan Hayhurst were made for each other and they fit so well as a couple. She also referred to the one year that Pamela spent with her husband, before getting married, as “seven dog years”.

Pamela made it known that the place where she got married to Dan Hayhurst was exactly where her parents got married. She referred to the place as a “romantic property”.